Everything Trading’s Transformative Eliot Wave Workshop by Kar Yong in Pulau Penang

An Unforgettable Event Elevating Trading Education 

Bogotá, Colombia – Everything Trading, a leading learning platform for financial traders, orchestrated a transformative event, “The ABC of Trading for 2024,” at the esteemed Hotel NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal on November 25th. The event was extraordinary, giving 60 enthusiastic participants a full day of focused trading education.  


The event featured dynamic and interactive sessions led by distinguished speakers: 

  • Humberto Calzada: Economist, Trader, and Lecturer at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, provided a deep dive into understanding market dynamics, economic indicators, and the practical aspects of implementing trading strategies. 
  • Karem Suarez: Colombian Finfluencer and expert in Financial Education, delivered insights into the art of balancing personal finance with trading activities. Attendees gained valuable tips on risk management and building a resilient financial portfolio. 
  • Fernán Gómez: Economist, Postgraduate in Commercial Law, MBA in Finance and International Business, shared real-world experiences as a Trader. His session focused on navigating legal aspects in trading and leveraging financial knowledge for successful trades. 


The event was designed for active engagement, featuring dedicated Q&A sessions after each speaker presentation. Attendees seized the opportunity to pose questions directly to the experts, enhancing the learning experience. Through interactive sessions, expert-led workshops, and real-world case studies, the event empowered participants with practical tools, advanced strategies, and a nuanced understanding of market dynamics. This immersive experience not only elevated individual trading capabilities but also cultivated a supportive community, fostering collaborative learning and valuable networking opportunities among traders. 


About Everything Trading: 

Everything Trading stands as a pioneer in financial education, dedicated to providing practical resources for individuals navigating the complexities of trading. The platform’s commitment to excellence and hands-on education makes it a trusted resource for both beginners and seasoned traders. 

For more information about Everything Trading, please visit www.everythingtrading.com.